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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In This Issue

  • Through the Editor’s Window
  • Feature
  • 5 Tips to More Sales in Times of Economic Distress

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Through the Editor’s Window


Hi regular readers, welcome new readers,


Happy Tuesday! It’s time to get down to serious work this week, I guess since summer is almost officially over and it’s the start of a new business season, the one that will hopefully lead to more sales as the year-end holiday season approaches. I hope today’s feature article gives you some food for thought as you prepare for the new sales period.


I’m going to keep it short and sweet here today as I feel a migraine coming on. It doesn’t help that the weather’s been warming up again but I guess that’s what we get with having summer all year long.


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Thank you so much for staying with us. I hope you find this issue useful in your business. See you next week 2_smile!




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6 Tips to More Sales in Times of Economic Distress

by Patrick Valtin


"Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress." - Mahatma Gandhi

You will find that people who continue to do well during challenging times are not luckier or stronger or even smarter. They are mostly more persistent and they refuse to lose. In other words, they disagree. The best examples are patients who were affected by some "incurable" cancer and yet recovered - against all medical expectations. The only common denominator that could be found in these people was exactly that: they disagreed with giving up!

You can make your own future and you can win the battles of life to the degree that you have the guts to disagree. So remember this principle: When trouble arises, it is just a test of your ability and willingness to make things go right. Just disagree!


"The news media are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news... and it's not entirely the media's fault. Bad news gets higher ratings and sells more papers than good news." - Peter McWilliams, author of "Life 101"

We are being overwhelmed by bad news everyday. The merchants of chaos are making money by scaring the hell out of us. Don't fall into the trap! Bad news brings bad news. One smart way to end the crisis for yourself is to focus on GOOD news. When was the last time you got some?

Try this: Once a day, Google those exact words, "good news", and find some. Good news will pump up your morale and thus your willingness to fight. Commit yourself to the following principle (or therapy): "Good news once a day will keep the trouble away!"


"To ease another's heartache is to forget one's own." - Abraham Lincoln

You know what your customers are mainly lacking? It is not money . . . it is confidence in the future. If you want your customers to buy from you now, you must first help them improve their confidence in their ability to make things go right.

So, make this a golden rule: every time you talk to a prospect or a customer, start by giving them some good news on any subject. Get them to recognize you as a source of good news and you will be surprised at the results! And also share good news with everybody who might affect your life. Sharing good news is the next best therapy for staying upbeat and willing to fight!


"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." - Jim Rohn, author of "7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness"

You have knowledge about your customers' business that is very valuable. Giving good advice which can help them solve some of their problems will make you stronger and will make your customer even more confident that you are not just interested in them for their money but you truly and genuinely care for them!

The caring factor is the most important one in selling. Ask yourself what you can do to increase your customers' confidence and do something about it every day. When you care, you earn the most precious gift you can from a worthy customer: Trust! In times of difficulties, one must abide more than ever by the following principle: In order to receive one must be willing to give!


"When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity." - John F. Kennedy

You have an unlimited source of power. Some call it "brain power". Others call it "inner power". I call it "creative power." In times of crisis and economic unrest, most people introvert into their own problems. They tend to forget that challenging times always bring forth the best ideas and technologies. So start putting more attention on opportunities until you create some. Use your "creative power" to discover new solutions to your customers' problems; to propose new services; to sell new products and/or to sell new ideas to people around you.

Creativity is the ultimate solution to challenges. Think of solutions, whatever you are facing. No one can resolve a problem by being stuck in the problem. Follow this great principle: Get out of the mental box and expand your horizon.


"When a person is competent, nothing can shake his pride. The world can yell. But it doesn't shake him." - L. Ron Hubbard

Do you want 1,000% return on your investment? Well, invest in yourself. Build yourself up; find a way to be more competent and more knowledgeable - about your job, your business and even about life! There is no stronger feeling than the feeling of competence. You can't count on anyone else to help you beat challenging times, but developing more skills will develop your certainty and your confidence.

So many people have wasted their money in "promising" financial investments. They forgot that the only guaranteed investment they can ever make is in themselves. You can't lose by increasing your ability to do what you are doing for a living. Rough times offer the best opportunity to augment your qualifications and become stronger. Your customers will always appreciate your expertise in some field that can help them. This principle will be your best ally!


About the author:

Patrick Valtin has been in the training/coaching business for over 22 years and has personally trained over 75,000 people in 27 countries on the subjects of sales, sales management, recruitment, marketing strategies and leadership. Patrick wrote the e-book "CRISIS BUSTER" as a response to his observation of many business owners' reaction to economic crises. Success should NOT depend on economic conditions! Visit




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